About Our Team


Bed Bugs Company Raleigh, NC

We’re a company that is dedicated to finding true solutions to bed bug issues that people could have. It would be very easy for us to work like some other bed bug exterminators out there. Come in and spray everything and consider the premise completely bed bug free. Unless we can literally see the bed bugs all over the place we need to inspect the area thoroughly to be able to determine what the level of infestation happens to be. Once we have that down, we’ll be able to make decisions on what the treatment for the situation should be. In short, we want to make sure that you’re paying for a service and you’re dealing with the discomfort that this may bring for good reason. We certainly do feel that a lot of colleagues out there are not providing the same type of service.

We handle different levels of infestation as we mentioned, as well as preventive services. We’re not the type of company that is going to be overly alarming. Some people get the sense that they have to scare you into booking their services. We feel that by giving you the information that we can gather in an inspection truthfully you’ll be able to make the right decision. Buying bed bug spray in the grocery may not guarantee that you’ll ultimately be bed bug free. We want to make sure that working with us does guarantee that your home or business will be rid of all bed bugs.


Whether you are looking for a quote, or you need help quickly give us a call or contact us. When you do feel free to ask away. We can cover any type of questions that you may have. That way you’ll have a perfect idea of what you’re buying before our exterminators arrive on your property.